About Angela 


"Live and love fearlessly. "

Angela is an internationally published and award winning photographer that calls Texas home. She started Raven Red in 2008 and since then her work has been published in print magazines, online blogs, and has had her art featured in art exhibits. She has been named by The San Antonio Current Magazine as one of the Best Photographers in the city for the last five years. Angela is respected among her peers and is a a longstanding member of the Association of International Boudoir Photographers where she has been recognized for her art and her commitment to the industry. Over the years she has photographed thousands of individuals giving each a life changing experience. She always brings her passion and creativity to every session. Angela’s  unique view of the portrait experience stems from her background in Cultural Anthropology. She sees the photoshoot as a way for a person to transorm how they view themselves.  Her clients leave with a new sense of confidence and feel empowered by the expereince. To anyone who meets Angela, her passion for photography, art and her clients is obvious right from the start. She lives to create and you can tell she is in her element when she is photographing. No matter the project Angela throws her  heart, mind and soul into everything she does.