Miss M

Before I specialized in boudoir I photographed a little of everything and there are a few clients that have been with since the beginning and are still with me today. Miss M is one of those clients that I have been so lucky photograph many of life's milestones. She watched me blossom to the boudoir photographer that I am today and then one day she wrote me to tell me she wanted her very own boudoir session. I was ecstatic because having known her for years I knew she had this fiery vixen in her and I couldn't wait to show her. Here is a taste of her incredible session we did in one of San Antonio's historic boutique hotels. The vintage vibe was just the setting to showcase Miss M's exquisite beauty. 

My experience with Angela was one of a life time. She's has been our photographer for years now. She took everything from our engagement photos to our  family Christmas photos. Then she started do boudoir photography. I admired her talent and those of her clients. Then I threw in my hat to do a session with her. I was at my heaviest weight and tried to get a little bit more in shape before our shoot. Of course life gets in the way and I wasn't where I wanted to be  on the day of our shoot . I was nervous and a bit shy. When I got to the location coming from hair and makeup Angela and her assistant welcomed me with such positive energy and enthusiasm I felt at ease. Taking guidance from her made me feel comfortable and at ease. When she would show me pictures that she just captured I was at awe. I couldn't believe that was me. Then when I got to see the final product, an album of 31 photos of me I was amazed. She captured the most unbelievable side of me that I'd never seen before. I was amazed by how beautiful I looked. When I gave my husband his personal "playboy album" of me, his response to was "I'm proud of you". Thank you Angela for bringing out the best of me.