Miss S.... Acceptance, Love and Positivity

When I first met Miss S I knew we would be creating some beautiful work together. She is confident and sexy all on her own. I love her message of body positivity, acceptanceand owning your beauty. She represents everything I strive for in Raven Red. Let her words inspire you as they did me. 

When Angela asked me why I wanted to do a Boudoir Photoshoot, she asked was I doing it for someone special or doing it for myself? Well it was for both reasons. I wanted to do if for myself and I consider myself extraordinarily special!  Although, I must preface this with I have not always considered myself very special. I think like most women, most humans in fact, we all have had insecurities that have plagued us over our years. My struggle was accepting that I was a tall woman and that I would never be what society would consider as skinny. It has taken me many years to accept my body as it is. What I have begun to realize, is that what makes this world so great is the different shapes, sizes and features that make us all special and beautiful in our own way. Right before the shoot I had finally lost some weight after being at my heaviest. However, this time when I lost weight I was doing it for my health and not so other people would view me as more desirable. I have learned to embrace my curves and wanted to show a little piece of it to my world. I wanted to celebrate finally losing weight for the right reason, myself!

One of the things that Angela told me was that she does not do a lot of editing with her photos as far as making people look thinner. I think that this is tremendous! She has an amazing ability to photograph you in a way that shows off the best parts of how your body is now. Why edit a masterpiece that was already created by God, the universe or whatever you believe? Angela, has a way of making you feel so comfortable, even when you might feel self conscious. The results are beautiful images. I found myself almost speechless about what I saw, I was like “is that really me?”

After doing the photoshoot, I decided that I would love to pursue my life long dream and do some modeling. Maybe not as a career, but as a hobby that I would love and enjoy. Modeling to bring a message of body positivity and acceptance. I can’t wait to work with Angela again to create more pieces of living, breathing art.