The Body

It's kind of fitting that I write this blog post right after the 20 days I spent in the hospital last month. For anyone that doesn't know me personally I have a chronic disease, Antiphosopholpid  Syndrome, that affects me in so many ways. It's what caused my Stroke last year which left me completely and permanently blind in one eye. It's the reason my lungs aren't working properly now and the reason I now need oxygen. You could say I have a love/hate relationship  with my body as I am sure so many of us do.

My job is to empower people to accept, appreciate and love their body. Yet, I often struggle to do the same, especially when I am feeling betrayed by my body. All my ambition, dreams and hopes are sidelined time and again to allow my body the time and space it needs to heal.

Even still, I acknowledge the body is truly wonderful.. even my body with all of it's flaws.  Our bodies take us through our life allowing us to live out our heart's desires and even if sometimes I struggle I am thankful every damn day for my body. I know my Stroke could have taken more than an eye. It could have left me unable to hold a camera, unable to walk... it could have taken my body away.  

I did this project as a way to pay homage to the human body. To revel in the beauty and power that it has... the marvelous specimen that we all are. The reality is that so many people beat themselves up over their body but really we all need to step back and appreciate and love it. All bodies are beautiful! Al bodies deserve love and admiration.

I hope if anything this post reminds each person to respect and marvel in their body. Whatever perceived flaws you obsess over... please, let them go. Appreciate your body for all that it is and all that it does for you. Live in it today and everyday with wonder and reverence. 


I would like to sincerely thank all these ladies that created this art with me. For many this was their first photoshoot ever. They were raw and vulnerable and I am forever thankful to each of them for trusting me and creating with me. They are all muses and will forever be a part of my art, heart and soul. 

These images are raw with very little if any at all retouching. I wanted to show the natural beauty of the body.